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Instant Roving Photography

Photographer will be roving around your event area, proactively getting guests to take photos


Be it your Grandma, Grandpa or even your Third Aunty’s Cousin’s Baby Boy! We will get them smiling from cheek to cheek!

Instant Photo Booth

A mobile studio will be setup right at your location complete with lights! The best way to get professional studio looking shots right at your event!


Our high speed industrial grade photo printer can churn out a photo at 6.8s

Green Screen Photography

Similar to Mobile studio but we will be able to take you anywhere you want!


Using state-of-the-art photographic technology, we are able to bring your guests to Japan, Europe or even Hogwarts! The Sky’s the limit!

It does matter if your events are





Rocking-licious or



At Instalicious, we take instantly beautiful shots that you can live & relive your all your moments!

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Tel: +65 9180 7902

Tel: +65 8198 2993


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